50' 3-Way Rescue Retrieval Retractable Lifeline

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Guardian is excited to introduce our new "3-Way Confined Space Rescue Retrieval Retractable." In keeping with our market approach (and to the charging of our competitors), we are able to bring this unit to market at a considerable savings. Through U.S. machining fabrication and manufacturing, the new 3-Way Retractable provides a dependable alternative to the overpriced systems on the market today. This product offers an easy handle feature which allows for quick adjustment and movement of the retractable. This retractable is composed of high quality machined parts so that the product is both durable and dependable. The retractable lifeline's proprietary design of internal mechanisms has created a cost effective system unlike anything available on the market today.FEATURES: Easy to handle High Quality Proprietary Design Compatible with Arc-o-Pod and Econ-o-Pod confined space system