Gripple No.4 x 5' Toggle Hanger HF4-THG-5FT (Pack of 10)

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  • Pack of 10
  • End Fixing that is designed for fastening through profile roof cladding, light fittings, luminaires and other cavities.
  • Ideal when used as a Y-Fit to suspend lighting.
  • No. 4 Max Safe Working Load 495lbs
  • Toggle (1/2") Advantages: Combines a plate and end stop to provide a ingeniously fast and simple fixing method. Ideal for profile roof cladding, light fittings, luminaries and other pre-drilled structures.
  • Toggle end fixing is an integral part of the caable, requiring no additional accessories.
  • Each size is purpose designed to fit a specific hole diameter.
  • Comes as a ready-to-use kit with cable and Gripple Fastener
  • Available in cable lengths from 5 - 30 ft
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