IronClad Cold Condition Large

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The first work glove to deliver warmth, comfort and full dexterity, this glove is windproof and water resistant to keep hands warm and dry. Ideal for any task where precision is desired in cold temperaturesFeatures: Windproof, breathable membrane keeps hands warm and dry ,Super Durability with Duraclad 600 reinforcements in critical areas ,Neoprene knuckle impact protection ,Secure neoprene wrist closure keeps out the elements - Best Uses: Breathable ,Cold Condition ,Extended Wrist Coverage ,Insulated ,Knuckle Impact Protection ,Washable ,Water Resistant - Industries: Baggage Handler ,Cold Condition ,Construction ,Demolition ,Driver/Delivery ,Forestry ,Hand & Power Tools ,Home Maintenance ,Landscaping ,Material Handling ,Ranching