Ironclad Heatworx 600 Extreme Medium

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The Heatworx Series is the ultimate in functional heat protection and this glove is at the top of the class. Molded silicone palm for secure handling backed by a Kevlar blended shell and a inner liner, make this our most capable glove ever for high dexterity heat and cut resistance. Max contact temperature of 600 degrees F. Features: Seamless 3D molded silicone palm for high temp grip and protection ,Kevlar inner liner for heat and cut resistance ,Kevlar blended outer shell and kevlar stitching for durability and protection in high temp environments ,Extended gauntlet cuff for added protection and comfort - Best Uses: Breathable ,Cut Resistant ,Extended Wrist Coverage ,Knuckle Impact Protection ,Oil Resistant ,Washable ,Heat Resistance - Industries: Automotive Repair ,Demolition ,Fabrication ,Glass Handling ,Hot Parts handling ,Manufacturing/Assembly ,Military ,Sheet Metal ,Welding