Ironclad Tuff-Chix Landscaper Medium

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When Exteme Makeover - Home Edition star Paige Hemmis asked Ironclad to design a glove tht was tough enough to build houses but would fit a woman, we answered the challenge and introduced the Tuff Chix glove. Ironclad protection and performance in a package built specifically to fit a woman's hand. Features: Seamless Rolltop fingertip design for added comfort and nail protection ,Reinforced fingernail guards ,Anatomically shaped to fit and move with a woman's hand ,Washable synthetic leather padded palm ,Terry cloth sweat wipe - Best Uses: Breathable ,Knuckle Impact Protection ,Padded Palm ,Slip-Fit Cuff ,Washable ,Women's Fit - Industries: Carpentry ,Construction ,Demolition ,Driver/Delivery ,Framing ,Gardening ,Home Maintenance ,Landscaping ,Material Handling ,Ranching