Laser TEMP-GUN M12LITH-ION Thermometer Kit(NIST)2276-21NST

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Laser TEMP-GUN M12LITH-ION Thermometer Kit(NIST)2276-21NSTFeatures: Infrared Surface Temperature Measurement from -22 to 1472F (-30 to 800C),Contact Surface Temperature Measurement from -40 to 1022F (-40 to 550C),40:1 Distance to Spot Ratio. Measures a one foot spot from 40 feet away.,High Contrast, White on Black Display with Backlight for easy reading,Extra Bright LED Floodlight increases usability in low light conditions,User Configurable Hi/Low Alarm Settings,Adjustable emissivity from 0.10 to 1.00 for increased accuracy,Unit Memory stores up to 20 temperature values,Lockable Trigger for tester to continue measuring,Includes 1 battery